Welcome to the Mt. Washington Community Council (MWCC)

The MWCC was formed in 1925, with a mission to educate all residents of the actions of the City of Cincinnati that impact MW, inform the City’s governing agencies of the views and opinions of the residents, and to empower our residents to enhance the quality of life in Mt. Washington.

The Mt. Washington Community Council is the neighborhood’s representative voice at Cincinnati City Hall. Residents, property owners and business owners can turn to the MWCC for advice and support in dealing with zoning, land use, traffic, safety, beautification, crime prevention, recreation and many other issues affecting our community.

News & Announcements

The Mt. Washington Run with the Knights 5K

The Mt. Washington Run with the Knights 5K Saturday, September 19 9:00 am Start and finish at Mt. Washington School For race information, call 513-852-1895 Visit www.Registrationspot.com  Email Ilene Hayes at hayesil@cpsboe.k12.oh.us Or visit the Facebook page at... read more

Volunteers Needed!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR MW SCHOOL ANNUAL 5K RUN/WALK TO OCCUR ON 9/19/15 Seeking a fun volunteer assignment at a  MWcommunity event? Want to help a vital community resource? Consider the annual MW School annual 5K Run/Walk event scheduled for Saturday, September 19,... read more

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Mt. Washington Neighborhood Blitz is Wrapping Up......

We are going into the fourth day of the five day Mt. Washington Neighborhood Blitz. MWCC representatives are working with staff from the City's Public Services Department to help coordinate the cleanup of several green space areas in the public rights-of-way throughout the community. We've received several emails from residents identifying problem areas, such as obscured street and stop signs, as well as overgrown brush and weeds along roadbeds.

The Blitz does not include the cleanup of private property. We are aware of those properties that are chronic nuisances and will continue monitoring their condition, as well as following up with additional complaints with the appropriate City departments.

Over the next two days, we'll see City crews finishing up the green space and right-of-way cleanup, as well as picking up litter throughout the neighborhood. And a street sweeper will be cleaning every street.

The dumpster at the Recreation Center has been filling up daily with all sorts of debris and junk. The City has been monitoring and replacing it with an empty container on a regular basis.

Don't forget the final dumpster will be removed from the Recreation Center on Friday morning, so get rid of all that junk...with the exception of hazardous materials...that's been accumulating around the house while you have the opportunity.

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Did you know you can contribute to the Mount Washington Community Council every time you shop at Kroger? Just visit the Kroger Community Rewards page on their website...https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards.

There you'll find a variety of non-profit organizations enrolled in the Community Rewards program, which financially benefits one organization of your choice every time you use your Kroger Plus Card. We hope you'll choose the "Mount Washington Community Council" as your designated organization.

The Community Rewards program is committed to the same goal as the MWCC...to help our community "grow and prosper". All you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card! And remember to re-enroll on an annual basis. Thank you for your support!

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MWCC Begins Comprehensive Traffic Study of Beechmont Avenue

The Mt. Washington Community Council, through its Economic Development Committee, has begun a comprehensive traffic study of the Beechmont Avenue corridor from corporation line (Elstun to the west) to corporation line (Burney to the east). The $30,000 study was funded after a team of MWCC volunteers put together a successful proposal that was ultimately approved in a highly competitive bidding process through the City of Cincinnati's Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program.

The MWCC's volunteer team is working closely with City traffic engineering and planning staff. The goal of the study is to provide economic development and planning solutions to traffic-related challenges. The study and the final report that will be generated by the City should take several months to complete. The MWCC will then use the report to request infrastructure improvements through the City's Community Priority Request process, as well as other City funding sources.

Research conducted by the MWCC's Economic Development Committee in recent years has consistently pointed out the need for traffic-related solutions that go further than curb to curb. Discussions with potential developers and business owners have made clear the need for changes to traffic patterns, intersection improvements and the possibility of acquiring and repurposing under-utilized property to make those improvements.

We are always looking for interested volunteers to be a part of the Economic Development Committee. Experience or skills in one or more of the following professions would be helpful: urban planning and/or urban design; civil engineering; traffic engineering; architecture; real estate law and/or commercial real estate; commercial banking or business finance. Please contact the MWCC at info@mwcc.org if you are interested or have any questions about the ongoing traffic study.

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Mt. Washington Neighborhood Blitz Cleanup
Monday, August 24 - Friday, August 28

This is the first season for the City's Neighborhood Blitz initiative. The intent is to provide City services, staff and equipment to aid in the cleanup of all 51 neighborhoods on an annual basis.

The community council in each neighborhood serves as the liaison and coordinator with staff from the Neighborhood Operations Division of the Public Services Department.

The schedule for the Mt. Washington Blitz is as follows:

Monday, 8/24 - Friday, 8/28....
The City's Green Space Crew will be cleaning up public rights-of-way and City-owned green space. The focus will be on litter, overhanging branches and overgrowth. Stanbery Park will not be included, as maintenance is the responsibility of the Park Board.

If you know of any privately owned property with overgrowth or weeds, please contact the MWCC (info@mwcc.org) with the address, intersection (if applicable) and photos, if possible. That information will be forwarded to the City's team.

Tuesday, 8/25 - Friday, 8/28....
A twenty yard dumpster will be delivered to the Mt. Washington Recreation Center at 1715 Beacon Street at 9:00 am on Tuesday and removed at 9:00 am on Friday.

Residents are encouraged to get rid of items that have been piling up in our homes and yards, such as old furniture that can not be sold or donated, bed frames, television sets, electronic equipment and computers, building supplies, yard waste and other assorted junk. Please make sure those items are put IN the dumpster whenever possible. Items can be placed next to the dumpster, if necessary, for the City to haul away.

Hazardous items such as paint, thinners, lacquers and yard chemicals are not allowed. Tires can be disposed of but must be placed NEXT TO THE DUMPSTER, not inside. The City will empty and/or replace the dumpster (and remove tires) as needed.

Friday, 8/28....
City staff will be picking up litter on foot, filling bags that City crews will pick up.


If you have any questions about the Blitz, please contact the Community Council at info@mwcc.org.

Let's do our part to help City staff spiff up our community. Pick up and dispose of litter whenever you see it, not just next week, but everyday. Let's all take full advantage of this terrific opportunity to work together with the City to clean up Mt. Washington.

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The Mt. Washington Community Council will vote on the 2015-2016 Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) budget at its membership meeting on Wednesday, August 19 at 6:00pm at the Mt. Washington Recreation Center on Beacon Street. The total allocation per community council approved by City Council for the upcoming year is $6800. The MWCC Board of Directors will propose the following projects be approved:

Scholarships - $500
The funds would be allocated to the existing scholarship funds, expanding the current program from three children to six (one boy and one girl from each school).

Beautification - $500
The funds would be used to install a sustainable garden at the NW corner of Campus and Beechmont, on the property of the Mt. Washington Branch of the Cincinnati Public Library. This includes the cost of the plants only, with volunteers providing the labor.

Pumpkin Chuck - $3000
This annual community event has nearly $5000 in expenses including park rental, police, bands, supplies, insurance and permits.

Storage - $200
A storage unit (at considerable discount) will be purchased to provide a permanent, central location at the Mt. Washington Recreation Center for MWCC supplies and records. This is a one time expense.

Insurance - $1100
This would partially fund the cost of the MWCC's annual General Liability and Directors and Officers insurance coverage.

Marketing - $1500
These funds will allow for the publication and follow-up expenses for the comprehensive market study completed this past spring. General MWCC business cards would also be purchased.

Background Information and History of the NSP

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation established the SNAP (Stimulating the Neighborhood Action Process) program in 1978 to help organize neighborhood groups in cities across the country. Cincinnati was chosen as a SNAP grant recipient because its community councils were launching effective neighborhood activities.

The Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) was created as a three year experiment in 1981 to provide direct funding to recognized community councils within the City of Cincinnati. Originally, the City allocated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to sponsor the program. The annual grants provided needed support for small scale community improvement projects. Over the initial three year period, the success of the NSP was clear. In 1984 and 1987, the City affirmed its commitment to this partnership with community councils by renewing the program for an additional three year period. In 1988, faced with eligibility concerns with the use of CDBG funds, the City shifted the NSP to general revenue funding. Since 1990, the City's partnership with community councils through NSP and its funding commitment have been reaffirmed annually.

The purpose of NSP is to improve the quality of life and enhance leadership capacity within the community council in each of the City's 51 eligible neighborhoods. NSP funds are available for projects that are planned, implemented and evaluated by each community council. Support for efforts to recruit, train and enhance the productivity of volunteers is an important element of the program. NSP guidelines must be strictly followed.

NSP funding becomes available each year as part of the City's annual budget. To qualify for funding, proposed projects must gain the approval of the neighborhood's residents in attendance at the community council meeting when the vote is taken. Voting is strictly limited to residents only. Once approved at the neighborhood level, the proposed budget is presented to a review committee of fellow residents representing a cross section of the City's neighborhoods.

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