Welcome to the Mt. Washington Community Council (MWCC)

The MWCC was formed in 1925, with a mission to educate all residents of the actions of the City of Cincinnati that impact MW, inform the City’s governing agencies of the views and opinions of the residents, and to empower our residents to enhance the quality of life in Mt. Washington.

The Mt. Washington Community Council is the neighborhood’s representative voice at Cincinnati City Hall. Residents, property owners and business owners can turn to the MWCC for advice and support in dealing with zoning, land use, traffic, safety, beautification, crime prevention, recreation and many other issues affecting our community.

News & Announcements

A Message From The New MWCC President

Mt. Washington Community Council President Sue Doucleff has decided to step down from her position.  All of us in Mt. Washington owe Sue a great deal of gratitude for the countless hours she has spent working tirelessly for our community.  We wish Sue all the best and...

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It is CBR time, Mt Washington!

Every year, the City’s Community Budget Request program encourages community councils to submit up to three capital improvement project requests for consideration in the following year’s City budget. Though typically not funded out of the CBR process, these requests...

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** Final Reminder **

The neighborhood blitz is wrapping up, thus the community dumpster at the Rec Center will be removed Friday morning at 9 a.m.

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Did you know you can park your car on Beechmont Ave?

It's true! With a few limitations, you can park your car on either side of the road from McNick up to Mears, and also westbound by Watch Hill Bank and Krogers.

To increase awareness of this convenient option a number of area residents are planning a "park-in" Friday night, to coincide with the McNick home football game against Turpin High School.

A note from this groups organizer, Rob Hayes:

"Traditionally, this event has drawn a large number of visitors to Mt. Washington, and sometimes, if we're lucky, we can convince them to park on the street. The park-in will begin around 4:15 on westbound Beechmont.

Why park on Beechmont? By reducing the traffic lanes cars will be forced to slow down, eliminating Mt. Washington as a super highway for folks to speed through as they head to their final destination. It promotes walkability and livability for the neighborhood. Most folks don't know you can park on Beechmont, so by parking your car there others will feel more comfortable doing the same.

Feel free to join us and park on either side. Pay attention to the bus stops and time restrictions."

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** Reminder **

Monday at 9 a.m. the city will be delivering a large dumpster to the recreation center. Area residents are welcome to dispose of any non hazardous items in the dumpster all week. This is part of the cities "neighborhood blitz" program, and we encourage everyone to participate in this event.

It is a great opportunity to get rid of large, bulky items and other things we can't normally put out for trash collection.

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** Traffic Advisory **

Schools back in session!

If you are traveling through Mears or Corbly during drop off or pick up hours the next few days expect some some traffic and delays as parents adapt to the school year!

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*** Reminder ***

The deadline to apply for the vacant Board of Directors seat is August 31st. Please direct any questions or inquiries to

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