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MWCC Has A New YouTube Channel

View the channel here:

Our first video is a very important one- It’s the recording of a community forum hosted by the MWCC and PreventionFIRST!, discussing the opioid epidemic affecting communities across the U.S.

More videos will be added in the future.

MWCC Membership Meeting- June 15th, 6 PM


All are welcome to attend the MWCC membership meetings, held the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm (September – May) and 6pm (June – August) at the Mt. Washington Recreation Center, 1715 Beacon Street. Door prizes are awarded on a regular basis at each membership meeting.

Receive a full report from the MWCC board as well as various committees.   CPD and CFD will also present their monthly police and fire reports.


Great American Cleanup- Thank You!


Join your neighbors while we help clean up our community!

Free T-Shirts and breakfast are included, and Mt. Washington School Carnival will be held after the cleanup. Cohen Electronics will be accepting your electronics that need recycling, for free, during the event.

If you haven’t attended before, it is pretty simple. Just show up at Mt. Washington School around 9, there is no need to register in advance. There will be a table outside, near the school entrance. If it is raining, the table will be placed inside the schools main entrance.

Go to the table, sign a waiver form, and get your assignment. Maps will be handed out that shows the area you will be working. Get your T-Shirt, supplies, and breakfast, and off you go!

We hope to see everyone there!

Attention Wasigo Neighborhood

In October 2014 the MWCC was contacted by residents in the area adjacent to the Ranchvale Terminus. The Council was asked to address the issue of illicit drug use and prostitution taking place in the area. Over the course of several months the matter was covered during the MWCC monthly Members’ Meetings and residents directly adjacent to the property were questioned regarding their concerns and preferences for the site.

In March of 2015 the MWCC sent a letter to the Parks Department and The Department of Traffic Engineering (DOTE) requesting the terminus be abandoned, the road bed removed and the adjacent part of Stanbery Park be allowed to “naturalize”. Over more than a year Parks and DOTE have been working toward that goal. However, the process has been quite slow.

Now, in 2016, the MWCC has received word that residents in the area of Ranchvale, also known as Wasigo Trails, have contacted the Parks Department asking that the area be maintained as an informal “Dog Park”.

Since this request is a position contrary to that communicated by the MWCC in 2015, Parks has asked the MWCC for direction.

The topic will be discussed at the May 18th MWCC Members’ Meeting. Mr. James Burkhardt of the Parks Department will be present to address the group and answer questions. No final decisions will be made at that time. We will discuss a process for getting the information to everyone in the area and a means for gathering opinions from the greatest number of affected residents.

All are encouraged to attend the MWCC Members’ Meeting on May 18, 2016, 7pm at the Mt. Washington Recreation Center, 1715 Beacon Street, to take part in the discussion.

This is your neighborhood. Make your opinion known.

Judicial Candidate, Judge Curt Kissinger, who attended the October 21st MWCC Members’ Meeting posted the following…

“For anyone interested in the benefits of an engaged citizenry and a community council working to protect and support its residents, you should attend a Mt. Washington CC meeting. Large crowd, well run and informative discussion. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

– Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Curt Kissinger on his Facebook page while attending the MWCC October Membership meeting.