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** Zoning Variance Notice **

At the April 19th, 2017 MWCC Public Meeting McNicholas High School will request a vote on their desired zoning variances. Their application is for conditional use approval under Cincinnati zoning for stadium lighting and a variance for the height of the light poles.

Please attend this meeting and give us your input. It starts at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt Washington Recreation Center, 1715 Beacon St. Email us at if you have any questions. Those voting must be paid members of the Mt. Washington Community Council. Membership is $7/year.

We hope to see you there!


During our next MWCC community meeting on March 15th the board will be seeking community approval to amend our by-laws.

Specifically we are looking to change our fiscal year. Currently we operate a January through December calendar. We are looking to change to a July 1st – June 30th fiscal year.

This change will allow us to match the City of Cincinnati’s fiscal year, which is ideal since the city is our largest financial provider. And it will also offer new board members time to understand our finances before crafting our yearly budget.

Current provision:
Section 8.04. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year for MWCC shall commence January 1 and end December 31.

Proposed Amendment:
Section 8.04. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year for MWCC shall commence July 1 and end June 30.

We hope to see everyone on March 15th, 7 p.m. at the Rec Center.

Zoning Change Request

If you have not already heard, our upcoming members meeting on December 21st will include a review of plans from Heathsource for their proposed expansion of their current facility.

We would like to invite our neighbors to this meeting, where HealthSource of Ohio will be presenting their multi-million dollar redevelopment plans to renovate their current building at the corner of Beechmont Avenue and Beechcrest Place. All are welcome to attend, give input and ask questions.

To proceed with their proposed development, HealthSource is seeking to change the zoning of the home (pictured) from residential to commercial use, so they may meet the cities parking requirement. The home would be torn down.

Although the vote of the MWCC Membership is non-binding, the city does take it into consideration when reviewing such developments.

Our meeting begins at 7:00 pm at the Mt Washington Recreation Center located at 1715 Beacon St, Cincinnati, OH 45230

As a reminder, residents must be members of the Mt Washington Community Council in order to vote on issues.

You will hear arguments from both sides- The developer, HealthSource, who is seeking the zoning variance, and a resident of Beechcrest Place, Julie Rimer, who is against approving such variance.

If you would like to become an MWCC member, you can download the application here. If you have any questions about filling out the form, please feel free to contact

A Message From The New MWCC President

Mt. Washington Community Council President Sue Doucleff has decided to step down from her position.  All of us in Mt. Washington owe Sue a great deal of gratitude for the countless hours she has spent working tirelessly for our community.  We wish Sue all the best and hope she enjoys a well deserved retirement.

Effective immediately, MWCC Vice President Alex Linser will become the acting President.  From Alex: “I am excited to contribute to our community in this new role, and I hope to live up to Sue’s example.”

The MWCC board now has a vacancy.  Those who are interested in serving on the board should come to the next Public meeting on July 21, 6:00pm at the Mt. Washington Recreation Center for more information.

It is CBR time, Mt Washington!

Every year, the City’s Community Budget Request program encourages community councils to submit up to three capital improvement project requests for consideration in the following year’s City budget. Though typically not funded out of the CBR process, these requests do serve as a record of the specific projects each community is interested in having completed. In the past, Mt Washington CBR project recommendations have included the rehabilitation of specific streets and the conversion of portions of the Cemetery fence from chain link to wrought iron. Projects that have all ready been suggested for this year’s requests are

• an appropriate solution at the new terminus of Ranchvale Drive
• the repaving of Salem Road
• a better connection of the Little Miami Bike Trail up the hill and into Mt Washington’s Business District

What are your thoughts? These need to be physical improvement projects that help make Mt Washington the place you want it to be. The City’s deadline for submission is September, but the MWCC will be trying to wrap this up by the end of August. If you’ve got suggestions, let us know!

• on fb or twitter
• via email at
• visit us on the third Wednesday of every month at the Recreation Center

Thanks for your input!

MWCC Has A New YouTube Channel

View the channel here:

Our first video is a very important one- It’s the recording of a community forum hosted by the MWCC and PreventionFIRST!, discussing the opioid epidemic affecting communities across the U.S.

More videos will be added in the future.


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