MWCC is looking for an artist to design Mt. Washington’s Little Pantry. The Little Pantry is a great way for the community to help those neighbors in need. If you are unfamiliar with the project, learn more here

We would like the design to celebrate our neighborhood, Mt. Washington, so bonus points for all proposals that celebrate Mt. Washington. Please email your proposal to Please include your budget which should include all costs  (honorarium / fees if applicable).  Guidelines below must be followed. We included pictures of other Little Pantries in various Cincinnati neighborhoods.  The deadline for submissions is end of the day on September 12th.

1.       Please remove the plastic window in the front prior to spray painting the box. Save strips and bolts to reapply after the box is painted.
2.       Please leave space on the right & left sides of the ‘head’ of your bot (original boxes were encouraged to be designed as bots) for the pantry logo (on each side)
3.       Please use acrylic paint (or other approved paint) on the bot and clear coat it at least 24 hours before it is placed.
4.       Leave the inside yellow- do not paint.  Decals from People’s Liberty will be on the inside.
5.       Please place the clear plastic window back on the front once you are done painting and clear coating.
6.       A padlock must be placed on the “head” of the bot to keep it secure and prevent injury.
7.       Email Jason Roberts or Lisa Andrews for any questions along the way.
8.       Be creative and have fun!