Every year, the City’s Community Budget Request program encourages community councils to submit up to three capital improvement project requests for consideration in the following year’s City budget. Though typically not funded out of the CBR process, these requests do serve as a record of the specific projects each community is interested in having completed. In the past, Mt Washington CBR project recommendations have included the rehabilitation of specific streets and the conversion of portions of the Cemetery fence from chain link to wrought iron. Projects that have all ready been suggested for this year’s requests are

• an appropriate solution at the new terminus of Ranchvale Drive
• the repaving of Salem Road
• a better connection of the Little Miami Bike Trail up the hill and into Mt Washington’s Business District

What are your thoughts? These need to be physical improvement projects that help make Mt Washington the place you want it to be. The City’s deadline for submission is September, but the MWCC will be trying to wrap this up by the end of August. If you’ve got suggestions, let us know!

• on fb or twitter
• via email at info@mwcc.org
• visit us on the third Wednesday of every month at the Recreation Center

Thanks for your input!